T-shirt printing is one of the businesses that most people are looking forward to. You can either do t-shirt printing by yourself or let a printing shop do it. The following are the common ways to do t-shirt printing.

Iron-on transfer. From the word itself, basically, you are going to need iron. This is how it works. Print your desired design on a special type of paper. Place the special paper on top of the t-shirt then iron it for several seconds. Afterwards, you may peel away the back covering of the paper. There, you will see that the design which is printed on the special paper will stay stuck to the shirt. The shirt is now ready to be utilized with its magnificent design.

Vinyl heat press printing. This technique is done by using a vinyl cutting machine. The machine will cut your desired design out of a big sheet of vinyl. To stick the vinyl to the t-shirt, a heat press is used. But there is a restriction in this method. You cannot use detailed designs with this method. It is because you are cutting your design out of one flat color then you have to peel away all of the excess stuffs. Other details especially those tiny details can be very time-consuming and possibly get lost because the machine might not be that accurate. This process is much better than iron-on transfer method though.

Another method in t-shirt printing is the direct garment printing. From the name itself, a printer prints your design directly onto the t-shirt.