Embroidery and Shirt Printing

Many garment industry are now becoming competent by using printing and embroidery as to attract customers. In reality, embroidery and printing is good for fashion. What are the different types of embroidery?

Embroidery comes from different origins. For example, there is a Mexican embroidery that uses Ingrain silk, cotton, or Pyrenean wool threads. This can be applied in Washable clothing, tea towels, doilies, table and bed linens.

Latin Embroidery or the Italian embroidery that uses fine linen, altar cloth and is used for decorations. Usually, this kind of embroidery during the medieval ages was seen through the garments on religious purposes.

Venetian embroidery uses linen, Holland, batiste, Brussels net and can be decorated on table linens, screens, curtain border.

French embroidery uses linen, sheeting that are usually embroidered on household linens and other decorative uses.

English embroidery appears rounded and cut-outs in floral patterns that are used in fine linen such as under clothes and washing dresses.

Persian embroidery of linen and heavier materials done with Satin, outline and Kensington stitches, rich colors and patterns.

Florentine embroidery is known for the brilliant, watercolor-type designs, leaves and flowers, bars, straight stitching for decorating purposes.

Although embroidery is much appreciated to this very day, printing also are very much used and ordered because this is one way people can show their personality. Shirt Printing comes also in different styles in order to make the life more colourful and beautiful. However, these kind of garment design are not recommendable for formal clothing. Embroidery and printing are designed for decorations and casual attire only.